WOW! We Get Behind Walk On Wales

Like I said, it was a rather busy one on Friday 12th June! Not only did we have Sam Womack on the show but we also welcomed to the studio some of the Walk On Wales team!

The vision for Walk on Wales is:

- to remember and acknowledge the contribution of the 50 Welsh Guardsmen who have died on active service since the end of World War II, and

to create a legacy today for the veterans of tomorrow, by raising £1 million for the Welsh Guards Afghanistan Appeal and Combat Stress.

So we thought we’d get behind them and spoke on air to co-founder Dai Graham about the cause, the walk and the baton. Hear the two part interview here:

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The East End meets West Wales

Sam Womack joined us on Breakfast!

Sam Womack joined us on Breakfast!

What a busy Breakfast Show Friday was! David had plenty of people to chat to including the one and only Ronnie from Eastenders! Samantha Womack joined him on the show to talk about holidays and her return to Eastenders! She also gave a mention to her ‘Sam’s Soldiers’ (her fan club) who seem to know what Sam’s doing before she does!

You can listen to the interview again on our Soundcloud here:

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Where’s Jim?

Jim Hughes Edited

Jim Hughes is back!

After some time out, the Breakfast Team can announce that, Jim Hughes is back!!

Starting April 2nd we’re bringing you the feature ‘Where’s Jim?’. Jim Hughes will be out in different places across our county and you’ve just got to guess where he is to win!

We’ll be in touch with Jim to get a few clues to help you along and if you guess you win!

‘Where’s Jim?’ – coming very soon to the Radio Pembrokeshire Breakfast Show!

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What’s going on?


David Baker and the Breakfast team here just to let you know what you can expect to hear on the Radio Pembrokeshire Breakfast Show! Apart from loads of Great Music & Local News we’ve thrown in a whole heap of other good stuff as well!

Before 7am David takes a look at the papers! He’ll let you know the stories your waking up to in the press with a comprehensive view at the daily paper.

Throughout the Breakfast Show we’ll also be playing Beat The Intro! David plays you the intro to a song and you’ve just got to guess what it is. Text your answers to 07740 938 500 and start your message with Pembs. If you get it right you’ll be in the draw to win a washing machine from Vaughanss in Haverfordwest!! Simples.

Finally, here on Breakfast we love to celebrate you! If you know anyone who’s celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, first days at school or in a new job let us know and we’ll call them to celebrate!

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‘Hay!’ You Can’t Sneeze For That Long!!

On this morning’s Breakfast show Carl started off asking what the limit is for the amount of ‘bless you’s you give until it gets annoying.

But then in came Producer Ollie to put a right spanner in the works!! He went out and said that no one can sneeze more than four times in a row!

Then loads got in touch to say they could sneeze for 10 minutes or even an hour continuously!

So, no more just saying you can..Carl wants proof that this can be done! If he sees it he says he’ll eat hay with a horse!

Come on then Pembrokeshire, show Carl what your noses have got.

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‘Horsing around’ on the Breakfast Show!

This morning Carl Hartley was able to chat with Rhys and Josh who were involved in a funny prank at Tesco Pembroke Dock. Both men saw the news about Tesco Value Burgers containing horse and went out, bought a horse costume and headed off to their local Tesco store.

Since, the video has gone viral and has featured in a few national newspapers!

Watch the video of the prank and hear Carl talking to Josh, one end of the horse, below!

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Carl’s Wedding Speech

So Carl has his brother’s wedding coming up in March and he needs help with his best man speech! He thought he’d be fine with only a little advice but now Tom from McFly has gone and done this!

All of Carl’s friends and family have seen it and now want him to top it!! So, Carl Hartley needs help with his speech, any advice?


Call: 01834 869 292

Text: 07740 938 500 (Start your text with PEMBS)

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